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Is creating a Beneficiary Deed the Best Money you'll ever spend?

Posted on March 13, 2020 at 12:02 PM Comments comments (942)
Most people do not know what a beneficiary deed is.  Do you?

A beneficiary deed is a very efficient and cost effective way to transfer the title to your house to a loved one at the time of your death without your loved one having to go through the time and expense of Probate Court.  Going through Probate could take 10-50 hours or more and Thousands of Dollars($$$).  

A beneficiary deed is also a document that you create that gets recorded with the Recorder of Deeds before you pass away and it ensures that title to your real estate passes to whomever you designate in the deed.  

The best thing about a beneficiary deed is that you retain absolute rights to your real estate until the moment of your death.  That way, if you decide to change who you want as a beneficiary, you do not have to ask permission from them or anyone else to change it.

You can create a beneficiary deed or you can call me to create one for you.  I charge $150 plus whatever the recording fee is at the Recorder of Deeds Office.  If you think you have the knowledge to DYI, please do.  If you would prefer that I share my knowledge with you, please give me a call and schedule an appointment to discuss creating a beneficiary deed and/or other Estate Planning needs.  My phone # is 314-260-7823.